Gear inventory

Stuff sitting around my apartment right now:

4 snowboards; 2 Rides, Signal, K2

2 surfboards; Billabong & Al Merrick

2 surfboard bags, 1 snowboard bag

1 set of snowboard racks

1 Alpine Lowe camping backpack

3 long-board skateboards; 2 Original Skateboards, 1 Sector 9

1 Kelty tent

2 surf-casting poles

1 Indo balance-board

3 wetsuits

4 pairs ski goggles, 4 ski jackets, 4 pairs ski gloves

This is a short list of the overflow at my parents house, but what’s even more amazing is how often I use even a small fraction of this stuff.   What do you have lying around ?



Starting up ahoy !

Greetings – this is the first post I’ve done after lots of other marketing legwork but hopefully this will allow me to explain my thoughts and reasons for starting

P2P startups such as this have two sides (duh) people who rent stuff and people who rent out their stuff.  As an adventurous, active, and curious urbanite, I often find myself on both sides of the coin:

Rent –

Finding rental shops can be annoying, expensive, and difficult.  I went to SanDiego last week and obviously wanted to surf, but took a whole afternoon walking around going from shop to shop looking for a board I wanted.  Everyone and their mom surfs out there and guaranteed they have some nice gear sitting around / wouldn’t say no to a few extra greenbacks.  Light bulb.

If you travel for activities, you no doubt have run into exorbitant airline fees (200$ for surfboards roundtrip) and lucky if your stuff gets there in one piece.

I have limited space in my apartment and too much gear to begin with, but I still want to try windsurfing, go for a bike ride around central park, kayak on the hudson, and see if I like Burton snowboards before buying one for next ski season.  Renting all this stuff would be alot easier and cost-effective.

Rent out –

I have skateboards, surfboards, snowboards, skis, and all sorts of stuff that I might use once a month if I’m lucky.  These things cost alot of money and although definitely worth it, what if I could  be making part of my gear investment back by doing essentially nothing ?

Extra income rocks and I don’t trust using Craiglist.  Just think what I could do with an extra 50$ / 100$ / 500$ / 1,000,000$ (ehhh) a month.  Ski pass, daily deals, gym membership, endless possibilities.

In short, I’ve always wanted an easy & efficient way to rent my stuff out and rent things myself.  With all the problems I’ve had tracking down rental shops, paying airline fees,  going places off the grid for a quick day trip, and having lots of expensive gear sit around my house, there just had to be a better way.

I’m sure that someone in Vermont has great telemark ski gear just sitting around their house and could use some extra help with that Tahoe trip they’ve been planning.  I know I could use some extra help with several trips I’ve been planning.  Why don’t we help each other out ?  P2P builds communities.